Boundary object defaults & presets

25 November 2010 Mark Horrocks No Comments
Cadimage, Sites+Massing, Tip of the Day

If you know your town planning boundary heights and angles, you can set these as your defaults before you place the Cadimage Boundary objects, ArchiCAD will then use the appropriate setbacks for you boundaries. Within the Selection Settings of the Boundary Object go to Defaults, hit the Custom Settings bar at the top and choose Custom Setttings (with the padlock open), change the Boundary Height and Daylight Angles.

This is good enough to set the defaults, but you can save these settings to use later – or better still set all the settings for all your local town planning.  The for each set hit the Save icon, in the new dialog set an appropriate name, and hit Save.  Now when you are back in the object settings, you can hit the bar at the top, and from the pullout, choose your ‘Preset’ settings.

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