Day 8 : Roof Coverings

1 June 2011 Joshua Osborne 2 Comments

After being blown away by the amazingness of the new Roof tool in ArchiCAD 15, you’re probably all thinking to yourself “I bet Cadimage have already got the Coverings tool to work with that”.

And you’d be right, we’ve got it covered (pardon the pun).

The automatic connecting-ness of the underlying polyroof is translated through to the Roof Covering, so you don’t have to re-attach a bunch more coverings once you’ve modified the roof.

image image

As usual with the Coverings, modifications to the roof are picked up by the coverings as well, so everything is kept in sync. This works with the new polygon-editing style of working with the Roof tool now, so you can add polygons, add and subtract nodes, modify ridges, edges, and end types on your roofs and they all come through.

image image image

TL;DR – New features in ArchiCAD? We’ve got it under control.