Create a Portable File for Support

7 October 2011 Andrew Watson 2 Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

ArchiCAD pln (project) files tend to be many megabites in size – definitely too large to email, and in many cases unbearably slow to upload. I recently received a file in excess of 300MB, which took so long to download that I got sidetracked on other tasks and nearly forgot to respond to the customer.

To avoid the pain and to communicate your question effectively, you can create a smaller, more portable version of the file:

1. You don’t want to be deleting stuff from your original file, so save the work you just completed, then save a copy of the file.

2. Open the copy you saved in step 1 and start deleting stuff. Unless they contain elements relevant to the support ticket, you can delete all stories, layers, section and elevation views (including the markers), detail drawings and layouts. You can also delete any remaining objects, walls, slabs, roofs, etc.

This will reduce the file size to just a few megabites. Small enough to upload to the support ticket, and perhaps even small enough to email.

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