Following the Outline of a Mesh with a profile

19 January 2012 Joshua Osborne 3 Comments
Extrusions, Tip of the Day

As you may know, the Cadimage Extrusion Tool can extrude a profile along a path. This path can be drawn on the fly, or you can draw a path with polylines and extrude along that.

But did you know that it can extrude a path along the edge of a Mesh? All you need to do is select any mesh you have drawn, and choose the Extrude along Selected Elements command from the Extrusions menu.

After you’ve chosen which profile you want to use, it’ll create an extrusion all the way around the edge of the mesh, following any contours you have in it.

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As usual with the Extrusion Tool, the extrusion is done using the anchor point you select in the settings, and the profile remains vertical all the way along the mesh edge. This makes it ideal for things like fencing around the edge of a site, but can also be used to more easily create complex extrusions by creating a mesh outline first instead of having to trace a path and then elevate each point.

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