Hotlinks and Element Attributes

2 April 2012 James Service No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

When using Hotlinks in ArchiCAD it is important to keep your Element Attributes synchronised between your various files. Hotlinks can be solo pln files or Teamwork files or module files. The Hotlinking process is the same between all of the different file types.

The area where issues can occur in Hotlink projects is when new attributes are introduced. If new attributes are not synchronised across the various files miss-matches can occur e.g. your concrete might appear as wood….

To avoid this it is best to manage all of the attributes in a single file and then use the Attribute Manager to propagate these across the rest of the files in the Project. Teamwork gives you added control if access to the creation of attributes is limited by Roles.

Whilst in the Attribute manager you will see the list of attribute have an index# it is this number that ArchiCAD uses to track attributes not those names that you use to select them.

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