Logically Grouped Settings

27 April 2012 Andrew Watson 2 Comments

Until now, Materials and Appearance have been separated from the rest of the settings. For instance, you could navigate to the Cladding page of Roof Coverings, and choose a cladding type and dimensions. But to set the material and pens for the cladding, you would have to navigate first to the Materials page, then to the Appearance page.

All settings pertaining to a given component of the object can now be accessed on a single page of the interface.

To achieve this logical grouping, two new interface controls have been introduced:

1. Component Property Control

At the top right of the page is a control to show either Model, Materials or Appearance. Click either button to display the settings that control that property of the component.

Navigating between different components leaves the current property in effect. This means that it is just as quick to set the materials for all components.

Logic 01Logic 02Logic 03

2. Component Part Control

The second new interface control is a drop-down list at the top left of the dialog. This allows you to access settings for sub-components or component parts.

For instance, the Wall Covering has a page named Coverings, on which the following component parts may be edited:

· Cladding

· External Corner Trims

· Internal Corner Trims

· Butt-End Trims

· Cladding Change Trims