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19 April 2012 James Service No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

Views (aka “Saved Views” if you started with ArchiCAD in single digit versions) are key to unleashing the power of BIM in ArchiCAD. View Settings have a large number of options and each one of these options has it’s own range of options.

The first three key options are Layer Combination, Scale and Model View.

Layer Combinations control the visibility of elements, Scale is self explanatory, and Model View Options modify the appearance of elements.

In addition we have Structural Display which controls the visibility of elements using Structural Function and or composite Component type, Pensets which control the colour and weight of pens, and new in ArchiCAD 15 Renovation Filters for the renovation and alteration projects.

Together this options are extremely powerful allowing a wide variety of documentation to be created from the same model elements.

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