ArchiCAD 16 – The Morph Tool

22 May 2012 Joshua Osborne 6 Comments

Have you ever thought to yourself how handy it would be to just be able to grab a wall in your ArchiCAD Model and drop one of the corners down, or twist it around?

Or to be able to select one of the faces on your structure and extrude it or recess it back to make a hole?

Or have you ever just thought to yourself “I really wish that I could go completely crazy with this thing. Like turning the roof inside out and making a helix-shaped window” (maybe that’s just me)?

Well, all this stuff (and more) is waiting just around the corner with the new Morph tool in ArchiCAD 16.

You really can let yourself go with it – turn any of your existing Model Elements into morphs, and then stretch them, extrude them, fillet them, and do whatever else you feel like to them to make the form you want.

The really great thing about the Morph tool is that you can now create your own freeform objects without having to learn how to program in GDL or buy a bunch of extra software – it’s all built right in!

Just look at all the things you can do: