We Want You!

20 July 2012 Joshua Osborne 9 Comments
Cadimage, Development

ArchiCAD 16 versions of the Cadimage Tools are now all released, and we’re pretty pleased with ourselves with what has been one of the most successful, well-polished releases we’ve ever made.

So what now? We have a perfectly serviceable set of developers here, but what should they do?

We reckon that you, our customers, are the best people to answer that, so we’d like your help in deciding what we work on developing next.

What we want to know is: What is it that you want ArchiCAD to be able to do for you?

If you can think of anything at all and would like to be involved, then you can join us in shaping the next level in Cadimage Tools development. We’re looking for a team of you to consult with on what we are going to make, and then, once we decide what it’ll be, to help us make it look and function the way that you all want it to.

If you’re interested in joining our think-tank, just comment on this blog post to get put on the list – we’re not worried about proficiency level or experience, we just want keen people who have an idea or two, and a sense of adventure.

Your role as a consultant will be an active one – the whole point of us doing things this way is so that we can be regularly hearing what you have to say about the descriptions, mock-ups, and prototypes that we’ll be sending out to you. They say that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – so while we’ll be doing the development work here, we need you to be willing to give us feedback along the way, rather than just emailing us an idea and then dropping off the radar.

So if that sounds like you, add a comment below to get on board (remember to use your real email address so that I can get in touch with you)!