Back Referencing made simple in ArchiCAD

24 September 2012 Jonathan Breen 1 Comment
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When placing a detail, you may want to reference the section that the detail came from

This will be placed on another layout so you will simply want to Reference the layout number to make it easy to find

This very handy feature is known as Back-Referencing in ArchiCAD

Following the normal file structure, you create a view in your Project Map from the source views in your Project Map

Then these views will be placed on different layouts

To Back-Reference open the Detail drawing settings from within its layout (CTRL + T or Command + T)

Click Back Reference, enable it by ticking the checkbox then choose your reference (the Sections layout)

This will then be displayed in the Drawing Title

To get an idea of the whole system:

This may appear daunting but it just demonstrates how a Detail in a layout can see the Layout of the section it originated from

This can be useful for referencing the Plan which a Section came from also

NOTE: The view needs to be placed on a layout before it can be referenced

NOTE2:Back Referencing only works with Source Markers – not Linked Markers.

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