Creating a Keynotes Database

26 September 2012 Glen Richardson No Comments
Keynotes, Tip of the Day

A Keynotes database can be created using any Spreadsheet or Database application, as long as it can export to Tab separated Text or CSV (comma separated values).

Each Keynote requires a Key, a Short Description or Title, and a Long Description, you can also include a Specification Reference if you want.

If you add a Category as well, then Cadimage Keynotes will group the keynotes into Categories, otherwise all of the Keynotes will be put in the same category.

And if you set the first row to be a column description, then keynotes can automatically work out which column is which.

Once you have created your database of Keynotes, export them as either Tab separated text or csv.

In ArchiCAD open the Keynotes Manager dialog using the Cadimage > Keynotes > Keynotes Manager menu.

Click on the Load Database button, select the file type you are using and browse for your file.

Make sure the columns are assigned correctly and click Import.

Then click the Add All button to add all of the Keynotes to the project.