Teamwork in ArchiCAD – A brief introduction

20 September 2012 Joshua Osborne No Comments

Teamwork can be a massive productivity booster, allowing multiple users to work on a project simultaneously. This can be in-house or allow remote connections for collaboration with ArchiCAD users outside of your office, who will be able to access & work on the same project.

Setting up Teamwork is a relatively simple process, but you need to make sure that you understand the system before you get started. Teamwork can become the backbone of how you model buildings and how you produce documentation, so it’s very importantthat you have a good understanding of how it works.

First off, a brief explanation of what Teamwork in ArchiCAD actually is: In essence, each installation of ArchiCAD in your office will be a Client. All of the Clients connect to 1 central BIM Server, which does all of the work of coordinating the Clients, and storing the Active Projects.


One of the most important requirements of setting up, running & maintaining Teamworkis somebody who understands how it works. They should be in-house preferably; otherwise you will require an I.T person who can be easily contacted & be on hand to assist when required. They will need to understand several different aspects like:

· Computer Networking– They should have a good general understanding, and also know specifically how the Office Network is set up.

· Backing Up– It is very important that they keep regular & reliable backups of the BIM Server, and that they can restore from one quickly.

· The Server – They should also understand the way that the BIM Serverworks, and the way that the clients work with it – they don’t necessarily need to know how ArchiCAD itself works though.

This person will be responsible for the BIM server, and they will need to control the projects, the BIM Server Libraries, user accounts & permissions etc. If this person isn’t in-house then you will need someone in-house to take care of the day to day tasks of BIM server management, such as setting up libraries, projects & user accounts.

The BIM Server needs to be a Dedicated server computer – you can’t just install it on one of the Client computers. The BIM Server software runs on the 64-bit varieties of Windows 7, Windows Server, and OSX.

In terms of hardware, the specification of the server depends on how many Clientswill be connecting to it. When you have an idea of what this number will be, visit this page on the ArchiCAD Wiki to figure out what your requirements are:

There is a lot of reading material available on the ArchiCAD Wiki describing everything to do with Teamwork. You should bookmark this page:, and familiarize yourself with the Basics, Setting Up, and Working With sections.

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