Best Practice Modelling for export to other applications

17 October 2012 James Service No Comments
ArchiCAD, Solibri, Tip of the Day

When making changes in Modelling applications it it best often to place new instances of elements rather then moving a element to a new position. The reason for this is often it is necessary to track changes of Models as part of QA & QC. Tracking will typically identify elements as New, Modified and Deleted. Moving or changing the size of the element will often mean it as seen as a modification as opposed to new elements be introduced in the design.

In the example below we have reviewed the changes to our model in Solibri Model Checker.

The changes between version 1 and version 2 are to do with the size number and location of columns.

• One column has been deleted this is shown as removed.

• Two columns have been changed from 90×90 to 140×140 by modifying their sizes, this is showing as a modification as the column is the same GUID but it’s size has changed.  However it is probably best reported the removal of the 90×90 columns and the addition of 140×140 columns as this is how the change would be viewed by a cost consultant or the contractor.

• The third change is the move of a column this is shown as a modification.

It is worth making a conscious decision to be aware of how your changes will be represented to others when actioning those changes in your Modelling application. Especially when your model is part of the BIM deliverables or even just used as a coordination model for reference.

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