Errors when loading a 3D view?

15 October 2012 Jonathan Breen No Comments
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Every once in a while we may encounter errors when loading a 3D view, for example:

It is generally over to ourselves to help you find out what is causing this & why

But heres a tip to do a bit of DIY

Open a 3D view, and turn off all the layers

If the error disappears it is in one of those layers, if not it is in the ArchiCAD layer

Proceed to turn on half the layers till you can narrow it down to which layer it is on otherwise

When youve figured out which layer it is on, view it in Plan (you shouldnt get errors here)

Select half of the elements in Plan & right click choosing ‘Show Selection in 3D’

If the errors appears then you know it is in one of those elements

If not, go back to plan & keep narrowing down your 3D view to find out what is creating the error

Once you have found the element go to its settings, show the 3D view to generate the errors

Then adjust the settings until the errors no longer appear

If you get stuck, get in contact with ourselves & we will help you into it

Remember to send us the file so we can troubleshoot & find the cause & solution 🙂

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