ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix #3 3482 Update

15 February 2013 Jonathan Breen 7 Comments
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ArchiCAD have removed Hotfix #3 due to several critical issues

We understand a lot of people were awaiting this hotfix and were quick to download and install it
At this stage the only way to rollback to Hotfix #2 is to reinstall ArchiCAD & run Hotfix

We realize this may be impractical for a lot of firms so we can only recommend that you do NOT use Guidelines if you are on Hotfix #3

The shortkey for this is ‘Q’ so just ensure they are turned off & it will behave better

Graphisoft have worked on several speed & stability issues and believe they are close to a solution
So we should soon see an updated hotfix which will improve everyones experience of ArchiCAD 16
We will announce this in the blog as usua

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