Why am I getting a library loading report?

12 April 2013 Jonathan Breen 3 Comments
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A lot of people will get the library loading report when they open a project & constantly find themselves having to hit the little close button to get rid of it
So why are you getting it?

Library Loading Report

Basically there are 2 main types of problems that occur when you get a library loading report:

  1. Some objects or attributes are missing
  2. The same object has been loaded twice

What to do about it? Well if we fixed those small issues it would save a few seconds every time you open a project from having to close the library loading report & have no problems!

So if there are Missing Objects it means the object is placed in your project but is not in your loaded library.
There is 2 ways to deal with this:

  • Either find the object & place it within your loaded library (ideally this will be ArchiCAD Library 16) or
  • Remove/change the objects in your project so it is no longer looking for the missing object

If there is a Missing Attribute it means the attribute is listed within your Attribute Manager but isn’t in your loaded library.
Again there is 2 ways to deal with this:

  • Find the attribute & place it within your loaded library folder or
  • Go to Options>Element Attributes>Attribute Manager and remove the missing attribute from the list so that your project will no longer be looking for it and it will no longer be ‘missing’

Delete missing attribute


In my case the ‘Tile White 30×30‘ is missing so since I dont have it any longer & dont require it I deleted it from my Attribute Manager

Lastly there is the Duplicate Objects problem, this means that there are 2 of the same objects loaded within the project
These can either be in the same folder or what is more often the case is the same object is in 2 of the folders loaded, it will tell you this within the Library Loading Report:

Libraries with Duplicate Objects

In this case I have the same object loaded in my Embedded Library & my ArchiCAD Library 16 as well as the same object twice in the ArchiCAD Library 16

So to find out what this object select the libraries that the object is duplicated in and click the blue i icon to open the Information dialog & find out what object is Duplicated:

What duplicates


No I will go to my loaded library & remove this object from the Embedded Library since that is where one of the instances of this object is located:

Delete Duplicate

And finally there is another obect loaded twice within the ArchiCAD Library 16 so we will have to find this manually
Use the same Information dialog to find the name of the object then use your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to search for the object within the folder & delete one of the instances:

So for windows go to the loaded library folder & search for the duplicate object, there will be 2 results, just delete one of them:



Delete Duplicate explorer


On Mac use Finder to go to the loaded library, search the folder for the objects & delete one of the instances:

Mac Delete duplicate


You may have more than one duplicate object, it could be a whole folder duplicated so its just a case of working through each one

Now when you reload your libraries you should have no issues & the Library Loading Report will no longer appear



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