Extrusions Dynamic Editing

7 May 2013 Mark Horrocks 2 Comments
Extrusions, Tip of the Day

As you probably know, the Cadimage Extrusion tool allows you to extrude a profile along a path. But did you know that once you’ve done that, you can also Dynamically Edit the path?

To do this (edit dynamically that is), you need to use one of the Extrusion’s Edit Modes, which you get to from the Cadimage – Extrusion menu.

21012010_53147 pm

There are several different edit modes, each for doing a different operation.

XY Edit Mode lets you shift nodes around in Plan view.

21012010_53207 pm

Planar Arc Edit Mode lets you do the same, but with Arcs instead.

21012010_53229 pm

Spline Edit Mode lets you edit the path as a spline, letting you do crazy stuff like this.

21012010_53249 pm

For more information on the Edit Modes, check our Knowledge Base here, or just have a go yourself. Once you’ve tried using them, you’ll figure them out pretty quickly.

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