What Elements can not have a renovation status

1 July 2013 Jonathan Breen 5 Comments
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For those who are still getting used to the ArchiCAD renovation tool, it can be extremely useful for renovation projects where you can show the project in different stages of construction with the help of the renovation filters. There however is a few elements that can not have a renovation status and therefore do not get affected by the renovation filters. It is a simple test by placing everything & changing the filter you can see some elements remain:



In summary, the following elements can not have a renovation status:

  • Drawing
  • Section
  • Elevation
  • Interior Elevation
  • Worksheet
  • Detail
  • Figure
  • Camera

The reason for this is elements like Section, Elevation & Details are in the same location regardless of the renovation filter, you can also have 2 sections using the same section line & changing the renovation filter setting.

Cameras are hidden by which path you currently shown & Figures/Drawings are external files so remain in the file wherever youve placed them & need controlled via layers