How to quickly morph a Bullnose Verandah

15 August 2013 Jonathan Breen 1 Comment
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A Bullnose Verandah is one of the more complex elements you may want to model in a house

We can no longer use the roof tool since it doesnt allow curves.

And the Shell tool may be overly complex & wont give any profile to the roof.

My suggested solution to a customer recently was to draw a normal single plane roof (with Perpendicular edges) & apply a covering (turning Framing off so they touch)


You can then select both the Roof and the Covering and right click to choose ‘Convert Selection to Morph’

Convert To Morph


A really useful thing to do now is to join then, to do this select both and right click and choose Boolean Operations>Union


Then in 3D select a point and use the Tube option to start extruding the roof:

Morph Tube

Now pick the edge of the roof as the reference plane using this tool:

Pick reference plane

You can then choose a tangent curve (Chord) method to get the finishing curve to the roof:

Bullnose turn

Now simply using Split and Mirror a copy and now your left with a well modeled bullnose verandah roof with minimal effort.

Bullnose Verandah2


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