Transferring pens from one pen set to the other

19 August 2013 Jonathan Breen 3 Comments
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We all have our issues with pen sets, they have changed quite a bit from the early days of ArchiCAD

Some office templates still use the pens set out in rows like version 9:

ArchiCAD 9 penset

While ArchiCAD’s standard pen set has looked like this for several years now:

ArchiCAD 17 pen set

If you are using the old style you could find yourself constantly changing the pens when placing objects or construction elements.

We obviously recommend that the best practice is to use the standard pen set as much as possible and do some minor modifications to it and your workflow will be a lot easier. That being said you may have set out pens and want those as well in the ArchiCAD pen set.

Rather than having to rearrange the pen set or manually create your pens again you could transfer them using the attribute manager

Go to your pen set and Append whatever pens you would like to use again, then they will be stored in the ‘Pencil Box’

Append pen

You can then change over to a standard pen set and Overwrite the pen in that pen set with the one you had already made

Overwrite pen


By overwriting it ensures that it is still using the same pen number and it also means none of your element will change pen colour if they used that pen in the original pen set.

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