How to use the Material Catalog to determine the physical properties of a Building Material.

9 September 2013 Jonathan Breen No Comments
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When you create a new building material you can either create a completely New material.
Or you can duplicate an existing Building Material as covered in an earlier tip.

But either way in creating a Building Material you are going to want to re-define the Thermal properties of the material.

Unfortunately the physical properties of a material is difficult to get from manufacturers, as they tend to give the calculated R or U-value.

ArchiCAD does this automatically based on its physical properties:

Calculated R Value

To create a new Building Material it may be best to use the inbuilt Material Catalog in ArchiCAD:


Click this button to bring you into the Material Catalog dialog, from there you can select from a large list the most appropriate material for your requirements:

Material Catalog



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