Physical properties Vs R / U-Value

2 September 2013 Jonathan Breen No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 17

Whenever you specify a product from a supplier the information they provide is general its U-Value or R-Value (1/U)

To put this information into ArchiCAD for Energy Evaluation unfortunately isnt as simple for that.

Each Building Material requires the ‘Physical properties’ of the material rather than a general U-value:

Physical properties


The reason for this is you may specify a bit of insulation at 70mm thick and for that you will need to create a Building Material

While the U-Value of that insulation would be 0.5 it would be 0.3 if the insulation was made to be 100mm thick

So this means you cant specify the U-Value of a material because if varies depending on the thickness of it.

Hence ArchiCAD requires the Physical properties of each material so it can work out the U-value of each material & the composite based on their thickness.

There is a material catalog in ArchiCAD to help provide a large list of details & a quick google brings up the lesser recorded materials, some great suppliers may even be able to provide this information!

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