Upgrade Doors + Windows Builder 35 to ArchiCAD 17

27 September 2013 Soto 1 Comment
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Now that you have migrated  to ArchiCAD 17, you may have projects from older version of ArchiCAD using the now historical Doors+Windows Builder 35.

Cadimage has released an Updrade Goodie for ArchiCAD 15, 16 and now for 17.

Log into the website and go to MyCadimage> Downloads> Goodies:


24-09-2013 8-09-20 a-m-goodie


Download and install. (instructions attached in the file download)

This Ad On will upgrade your old Doors+Windows to ArchiCAD 16 Version.

24-09-2013 8-11-52 a-m-01

However, if you open the settings of that door/window, you will only  have to click upgrade to have a fully editable ArchiCAD 17 Cadimage Doors or Windows.

24-09-2013 8-12-52 a-m-01


For more information about the latest version:





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