Required Bracing Too Much?

1 October 2013 Glen Richardson No Comments
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Do you find that the Required Bracing Units calculated using Cadimage Bracing is more than using some other Brace Manufacturers bracing tool?

That’s because a lot of Brace Manufacturers now use specific design to Calculate the Required Bracing units, whilst the Cadimage Bracing tool uses NZS 3604:2011.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not fear… Cadimage Bracing can use the values calculated by the other proprietary software.

Select Calculate Bracing from the Cadimage > Bracing menu.

Calculated Required Bracing

On the Calculated Required Bracing Tab, check the check-box Required BUs Calculated Using: then enter the name of the software you have used to calculate the Required Bracing Units.

Then you can enter the Required Bracing Units in the fields for Along and Across for Wind and Earthquake.

You still need to enter the values in the rest of the dialog, as they are still displayed on the Brace Table, but these will not be used to calculate the required bracing.

Now the tool will attempt to achieve the Required Bracing placing Cadimage Brace Lines and Cadimage Braces for you.

When the Cadimage Brace Table is placed it will state the Bracing System you used to calculate the required bracing.

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