Setting up your mesh

27 January 2014 cadimage No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

Before we start to setup our mesh, we need to know what height to set it out to.  Have a look at your Surveyors information and find the lowest height supplied.  In my example below the lowest height contour is 50.5m


As a rule of thumb, I always round down to the nearest whole number.  In this case I will use 50.0m
Now I go to my zero story and open up the Mesh settings. Under Geometry and Positioning, the top value I leave at 1000mm.  This is the sectional depth of the Mesh I am about to create.  Underneath that I enter in the value of 50000mm.  This will position my 1m thick Mesh 50m above sea level.
mesh settings


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