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18 March 2014 Andrew Watson No Comments
ArchiCAD, Objects, Tip of the Day

This week’s featured object is Curtain #1580, which models a curtain track with fabric drapes.



The track follows either a straight, L-shaped or U-shaped path. For the L and U shapes, the corner angles may be adjusted and the rail bends around a radius to allow the curtains to slide smoothly.

The curtains themselves may be opened or closed. The curtain fabric falls naturally in 3D views, and vertically in section and elevation views.

The path may be adjusted graphically using dynamic hotspots.


Genre Interior Visualizaton
Polygon Count Low
Texture Mapping Yes
Flexibility Moderate
Likes:Dislikes* 10:0
Monthly Downloads* 223
Availability Worldwide
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*BIMComponents rating as of March 2014

Most Valuable Setting

The most valuable setting is the path shape. This makes the curtain useful not only for regular windows, but also for corner and bay windows.


Hidden Features

By default, the curtain hangs below the rail. However, you can offset the curtain vertically up …


… and horizontally in front of or behind the rail.


Tips and Tricks

Use the dynamic hotspots to adjust the angle and length of each section.