Hide High Level Windows

8 May 2014 Andrew Watson 2 Comments
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Sometimes you may want to hide high level windows on a plan view. To do this, use the Floor Plan Cut Plane settings to control which windows will show.

First, select the wall containing the high level windows, and open its Settings dialog. Under Floor Plan and Section, set the Floor Plan Display to Projected, Projected with Overhead or Cut Only.

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Now go to the Document menu and choose Floor Plan Cut Plane … A dialog will come up.

24-04-2014 9-31-02 a-m-02

Cut Plane Height to Current Story sets the height of the cutting plane. This setting controls the height at which projected walls and columns will be cut. For tapered or battered walls this will determine the thickness or location of the cut surface.

The settings headed Relative Floor Plan Range control which openings will be displayed within a wall. To hide the high level windows, set the Show Up To level to a value slightly less than the high level window sill height.