ArchiCAD – Master Only Layer

23 June 2015 Jonathan Breen No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 18, Keynotes, Tip of the Day

The ArchiCAD – Master Only Layer was created by the Cadimage Tools in ArchiCAD 17 before for the Cadimage Keynotes Tool. This is no longer required in ArchiCAD 18 as the Keynotes Tool now has a smarter way of handling its placement and style.

Previously you would place a placeholder object on each Master Layout on this Layer and the Tool would turn this Layer off in all Layouts then create a separate object on a different Layer for each Layout, complicated right?

Now you do not need to place any object on your Master Layout. You just place on schedule on a Layout, it will go to the top-left location by default. Now you can move, edit and format this schedule as you require. This can just go on the ‘ArchiCAD Layer’

Every other schedule you create will use the same settings as the first one you created without the need for a master object or layer!