BIMx Models

3 February 2016 Gareth Morgan No Comments
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Want to give your client that extra WOW factor?

Send them a GRAPHISOFT BIMx model which they’ll navigate through your 3D model on their computer.

  1. Open your project and check the model in 3D.
  2. Still in the 3D window go to FileSave As.
  3. Select BIMx in the format.
  4. Give the file a name.
  5. If you’ve ticket Start BIMx after save in the Save dialog box, the GRAPHISOFT BIMx application starts automatically and the exported model is loaded.

The BIMx file then can be sent to anyone, and viewed with the BIMx Desktop Viewer.

For more information about BIMx, BIMx Hyper Models and even BIMx on your iOS and Android Devices see the links below.

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