Understanding the BIMx & BIMx Pro Licensing

27 January 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

Are you using BIMx? Not sure if you need BIMx or BIMx Pro?

Recent changes made it possible to access full BIMx Hyper-models even with the use of the free BIMx app.

While the free app is thus a very practical communication tool, the ‘PRO’ version ($74.99 NZD) still holds additive productivity features for professionals.

One of many ways to create a BIMx Hyper-models.

  • Create a new Publishing set and name it “BIMx Model (Save Local)”
  • Set the publishing method to save files & create a single file.
  • Select a path to save your file.
  • Change the format to BIMx Hyper Model.
  • Add your drawings (layout sheets) and a 3D view to the Publishing Set “BIMx Model (Save Local)” and click publish.
  • Transfer it to your Apple or Android Phone or tablet and added to your BIMx app.


More Detailed Steps

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