Interoperability – Rhino Import-Export

12 June 2016 Campbell Yule 4 Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

Further enhancing its interoperability, ARCHICAD is now able to read and write the native Rhino (3dm) file format, enabling a “reference model” workflow between the two applications.

Note: 3dm is the native file format of RHINOCEROS, a 3D computer graphics and CAD application developed by Robert McNeel and Associates Company. Rhinoceros geometry is based on the NURBS mathematical model, which focuses on producing mathematically precise representation of curves and freeform surfaces in computer graphics (as opposed to polygon mesh‐based applications). (Wikipedia)

Import 3dm File

Import part or all of the Rhino model to ARCHICAD.

The imported model will appear as a non‐editable GDL object, maintaining the logical structure of the original Rhino model. A new technology, implemented as an add‐on, interprets NURBS coming from Rhino and turns them into segmented surfaces in ARCHICAD. The level of segmentation can be adjusted in the object settings dialog.

Export to 3dm

From any 3D view, export part or all of the ARCHICAD model to Rhino (3dm file format). Only geometric information is exported, because Rhino handles only this type of data. Non‐geometrical data (properties, schedule data, quantities) are not transferred.

Mapping of ARCHICAD textures is not supported, since multiple textures in a single element is not supported by Rhino.


Visualisation – ‘CineRender’ Engine Upgrade

11 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20

First introduced in ARCHICAD 18 the CineRender Rendering Engine took “out of the box” renderings to a new level. With ARCHICAD 20 now runs the latest CineRender engine based on the Cinema 4D R16 engine. This Upgraded Engine in conjunction with a number of Improvements is sure to improve ARCHICAD’s already impressive rendering capabilities. Surface

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ARCHICAD 20 World Premiere streamed Live

10 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

For the first time ever, ARCHICAD 20 will be streams live from the GRAPHISOFT’s Key Client Conference in Budapest. Join in the World premiere on June 13, 2016, at 3:00-4:30 PM (CET) Sign up Here

Information Management – Graphical Overrides

9 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

Graphical Overrides is one of those features that while you can instantly see its power you’re left curious as to what uses customers will come up with to really extract its power. With this feature, you can display the elements in any model view according to a customized graphical definition, to easily communicate the design to

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Intuitiveness – Graphical Favorites

8 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

The second feature under the ‘Intuitiveness’ theme builds on a popular feature that was first released with ARCHICAD 7 – which was almost last century (but not quite)! ARCHICAD 20 completely overhauls the Favorites features and takes this productivity to the next level and beyond. The most obvious change is that Favorites now can show

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The Len Lye Centre, New Zealand

7 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Architecture, Tip of the Day

I’ve been involved with selling and supporting ARCHICAD in New Zealand for almost 20 years now, so along with myself, the Cadimage Team are immensely proud to have a New Zealand Building Selected as the ARCHICAD 20 Signature Building. Designed by Patterson Associates, an ARCHICAD Customer for almost 20 years now as well, the Len

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Cadimage – Roof Edges

6 June 2016 Campbell Yule No Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20, Coverings

While the major focus for the Cadimage Team has been the UI Update of our Libraries we have also used the opportunity to add a few features to a number of our more popular Tools. The first improvement we have made is in relation to our Roof Coverings Tool. While we have improved our GDL

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Interoperability – IFC4

5 June 2016 Campbell Yule 2 Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20

In the world of OPEN BIM, it is important for ARCHICAD to continually improve and enhance its Interoperability features and compatibility. With ARCHICAD 20 IFC4 Compatibility is provided via a number of new improvements. IFC4 Import‐Export GRAPHISOFT has been developing IFC – an open‐source platform for OPEN BIM collaboration – since 1996. We continue our

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Visualisation – Two Point Perspective

4 June 2016 Campbell Yule 2 Comments
20Days, ARCHICAD 20

An extremely simple feature to use is the new Two Point Perspective view in the 3d Window. Simply check the box in the Perspective Settings and your 3d View with change from a 3 point to a 2 point perspective. The effect is similar to using the vertical correction function of shift lenses in SLR cameras.

Queens Birthday Weekend

4 June 2016 Gareth No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

Cadimage will be closed Monday 6th June Support queries can be logged during this time, and we will respond when we reopen on Tuesday the 7th. You may find the answer to your question via one of the many support resources we have available: – Knowledge Base: – Look through the Forum articles: – View the ‘How To’ movies: – Have a

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