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21 August 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
Tip of the Day

As a general rule, our Support Team prioritises Technical Support questions over How To questions.

You’ll often find answers to How-To questions faster than we can get back to you, simply by referring to the documentation available on the ARCHICAD and Cadimage websites:
ARCHICAD Help Center | ARCHICAD YouTube Channel | Cadimage Knowledge Base |  Cadimage YouTube Channel |

Sometimes a question can simply be answered using google or visiting Cadimage blog
What are Technical Support questions?

Questions related to the installation, error diagnosis, and other software problems for ARCHICAD or the Cadimage Tools which sometimes prevent our customers from working – which is why these questions are prioritised.


Removing an individual Guide Line

18 August 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

To remove a Guide Line, right click on it and select Remove Guide Line from menu.


Instrumental Building

17 August 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
BIMx, Tip of the Day

An easter egg for the BIMx App on iOS device’s only.   To activate. Open the 3D, give your device a shake and wait for the whipping sound. After the whip, touch the different Building Elements and enjoy. Graphisoft have a little Demo Model, if you haven’t any of your own projects on BIMx.  


Roof covering view attributes in a different story

16 August 2017 Soto 1 Comment
ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 19, ARCHICAD 20, Coverings, Tip of the Day

If you want to control the display of Roof Covering in plan, you just have to go to the Covering Settings- Display Settings Under Symbol, there are the options: H- Means Home Story A- Means Above Story B- Means Below Story         If you are in ArchiCAD 16 or 17, you can

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Sketch Rendering roughness

15 August 2017 Soto No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, ARCHICAD 21, Tip of the Day

If you are rendering in ArchiCAD 20 or 21, the way the Sketch Render works has changed, if you render with the same settings as older versions, you may find the image to be different. Just change the Paper Roughness to 0% instead of 50%

ARCHICAD Training Series Volume 6 – The Algorithmic BIM Workflow

11 August 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, ARCHICAD 21, Tip of the Day

ARCHICAD have just added Volume 6 to their online training series. This is great for anyone starting out or wanting to know more about Grasshopper-ARCHICAD live connection.

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Close All Other Tabs & Windows

10 August 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

Got lots of tabs and windows you want to close with one click? Windows – Close All Other Tabs and Windows You can use this to close all the tabs but the one you want to leave open eg close all your layout tabs but leave just a section open. Please note you can’t close

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Don’t forget

9 August 2017 Joshua Osborne No Comments
Cadimage, News, Tip of the Day, Tools

We’ve created myCadimage so you can easily manage: The Cadimage Tools you own Access Cadimage Tool Trial versions Your newsletter preferences Your contact and billing information Help, if you need it Plus much more… you can even access Tip of the Day if you want to read this again! If you have not already visited,

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Saving DWG’s from the Layout Book

8 August 2017 Mark Horrocks No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

When saving a DWG from your Layout, if you are only getting the Layout information and no drawings, when publishing hit the Options… button and within the Save Options set the Place Drawing into: field to Single DWG/DXF File.

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Making sure drawings will fit

7 August 2017 Glen Richardson No Comments
Tip of the Day

Showing a Trace and reference of the Layout your drawing is to be placed on is a great way to make sure everything is going to fit, especially when you are annotating drawings.