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Keynotes text alignment

14 March 2016 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

If you are using the Cadimage Keynotes tool you can choose the way the text aligns for the labels. See example below Label ID and text aligns always to the left: Or automatically align to the side you place the label   Just go to the Keynotes Label settings>Text format>General and change the Paragraph to

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Aligning a texture

14 June 2013 cadimage No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

In some situation you may want to align a material to certain point. In the example below, you will note that the tiles seem to be setting out from some random position   In order to fix this, simply select the object ( In this case a wall) and got to Design>Align 3D Texture>Set Origin…

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Aligning Cadimage roof coverings

9 April 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD, Coverings, Tip of the Day

Depending of the roof design, sometimes is necessary to align the cladding lines: Just select the node in the middle of the covering and drag it to align.    

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