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Crop to Single-Plane Roof

11 July 2017 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

You can still use the old method of cropping the walls to a single roof, used mainly to trim walls in an angle. If you are working in ArchiCAD 18 or older you already know that you can right-click the wall and crop the wall. However, if you are in ArchiCAD 19 or a newer

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Where are the BIMx Export Options in ARCHICAD 20

17 October 2016 Scylla de Magalhaes No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 19, ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

In ARCHICAD 19 these options are available at File > Save As (format: .bimx) Organizer-Publisher / Navigator In ARCHICAD 20 these options are available at File > Publish BIMx Hyper-model Organiser-Publisher / Navigator Notes: In ARCHICAD 20 the File > Save as command cannot be used for exporting BIMx Hyper-models any more. The Gallery options

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Automatic Dimensioning AC 20

30 September 2016 Soto No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

The menu for Automatic Dimensioning for ARCHICAD 20 has moved to Document> Annotation > Automatic Dimensioning  

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Cadimage Schedule Notes Part 4: Add Notes in Schedule

20 May 2016 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

Whether if you have added Notes to Doors or Windows in Plan or have assigned Note Sets, you can also work directly in the Schedule to add Notes instead. 4.1 Update or Create a Schedule (Cadimage>Doors and windows>Edit Schedule Settings). Remember to turn On the Notes in the schedule. 4.2. Select the Item (door or

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Display of Slab Fills in different stories.

11 March 2016 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19

If you have activated the Cover Fills on a Slab, you may want to display or not the fills in different stories. In order to achieve that, so to the Slab settings to the Floor Plan Display settings and change it to Custom  

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Rotate or not rotate marker head

3 July 2015 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, Tip of the Day

When you rotate a view like explained in this old article: You may find that the marker head of the details placed in plan are rotating with the view. A simple way to allow the marker to rotate is to check the standard Detail Marker to rotate with the view checking this simple settings:

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Collate in Schedule: Invert wall direction

24 June 2015 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, Doors+Windows

One of the reasons why a Door or a Window may not be collating in a schedule could be related to the wall it’s placed into. Go to the menu View>On Screen View Options> Wall and Beams Reference lines.

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Coverings and Renovations for ArchiCAD 18

6 January 2015 Soto 1 Comment
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 18

The Coverings work differently for ArchiCAD 18 compared to ArchiCAD 17 tool. The new way the covering works will determine of the Door or Windows openings are detected by the coverings or not.   The recommended practice for ArchiCAD 18 would be to have the right renovation default filter before applying the covering, so please

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Lock electrical labels in plan view

28 April 2014 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, Electrical, Tip of the Day

If you place electrical symbols, you may want to keep the labels horizontal (readable). Go to Document>Set model view>Model view options> Set the orientation of labels to be ‘locked‘.

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Take a note if your update to Maverick OS X 10.9

29 October 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 15, ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Tip of the Day

If you update your computer to the new system Maverick, you may have to Re install the driver for your License key, whether is a Wibu or a Codemeter. If you experience an error message ‘no license found’ you can download the drivers from Graphisoft’s website: For more information:        

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