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Mesh Ridge Sharpness

5 July 2017 cadimage 3 Comments
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In the Mesh tool we have 3 options under the Model Tab.   If we start of with All Ridges Sharp, we can see that the mesh becomes very triangulated. This is the simplest form for the computer to generate, but is not much good for rendering The Second Option is User Defined Sharp,  This

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How adjust the number of points in a contour line for a mesh

21 September 2009 James Service No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

When you are using the Magic Wand (SHORTCUT = SPACE BAR) to trace contours lines for a mesh, you can adjust the setting that the magic wand uses by going to Options > Magic Wand Settings, here you can increase or decrease the number and accuracy of the points that the magic wand places. Note:

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