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3D Reeded decking

5 April 2017 Soto 1 Comment
ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day

If you want to have a nice 3D model of a reeded decking panels remember that you can use the Reeded option from the Cadimage Slab Covering tool. Select a slab go to Cadimage > Covering > Slab Covering. Results      

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Creating a Timber Deck Balustrade

8 December 2011 Mark Horrocks No Comments
Stairs, Tip of the Day

The Cadimage Railing Tool(part of Cadimage Stairs) is not only useful for Stair Railings, you can also use it for Decking Balustrading. Set the Railing Settings as follows: Set you desired materials, then simply click on the slab edges where you want the balustrade to be. Note: Where the Balustrading intersects at a corner, use Cadimage

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Using Cadimage Decking

4 February 2011 Joshua Osborne No Comments
Coverings, Tip of the Day

Cadimage Decking uses the Coverings tool to attach decking to a slab. Select the slab, then select the Cadimage > Coverings > Slab Coverings… menu and chose the Cadimage Decking object. Once created the origin, orientation and edge types can be adjusted using the dynamic hotspots. Adjusting the origin and orientation The Hotspot at the

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Decking orientation

23 March 2009 Mark Horrocks No Comments
Tip of the Day

To set the orientation of your decking timbers when using the Decking Object, select the Hotspot at the Arrow, choose Stretch from the Pet Palette and set your angle.

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