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Selecting Elements

1 March 2018 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

When several elements overlap your Element Information Pop-up will say Multiple Elements (TAB), to cycle through the elements press the TAB key until the desired element is highlighted. Also, remember the quick key to select the element you want. Select the tool in the toolbox hold Shift then click on the element you want.

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Master Layout default colors

22 October 2013 cadimage No Comments
Tip of the Day

In the New Zealand Template the default color for elements placed on the Master Layouts is red. If for some reason you feel that red doesn’t suit you, you can change the colour by going to Options>Work Environment>On-Screen Options… In the dialog box that pops up either turn off the option “Use uniform color for

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Observe Elements

12 March 2010 Haritha Achyutuni No Comments
Tip of the Day

When you migrate an ArchiCAD 12 project to ArchiCAD 13 you may see the “ADD-ON Unlinked” message as shown below: You need to run “Observe Elements” by going to the Cadimage menu>click on Observe Elements. For more information on “Observe Elements” click Here.

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Grid Elements in 3D

20 January 2010 Haritha Achyutuni No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

If you want the Grid Elements to appear in 3D window, within the Grid Element Settings dialog go to 3D  View and Check the Display in 3D view box. Note :If this box is not checked, all other controls in this panel are grayed.

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