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Flip Covering

7 December 2016 Soto 1 Comment
ArchiCAD 18, Coverings, Tip of the Day

Once you have placed a wall covering you can choose to change the wall side placement by clicking the flip button:   For ARCHICAD 20   For ARCHICAD 19 and older  

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Flip Covering

27 October 2016 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, ARCHICAD 20, Coverings, Tip of the Day

If you place a Cadimage Covering in a wall and wish you had placed it on the other side of the wall, you can change the size with the new feature:   For ARCHICAD 20     For ArchiCAD 19 and older  

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Flip Wall on Reference Line

13 November 2015 Joshua Osborne No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

When it comes to drawing walls, it is very common to need to Flip Wall on Reference Line… rather than use a button on a Toolbar – use the single key shortcut: P Click the images below to see an example of this using ONLY P to change the wall position…

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Flipping a Door or Window

30 September 2010 Mark Horrocks No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

If you accidentally place a door or window in a wall facing the wrong way, instead of redrawing them, just flip them from here in the Door or Window Settings dialog:

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Library Parts

22 December 2009 Haritha Achyutuni No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

You can quickly flip through library parts in the object tool by clicking on the Next and Previous Library Part buttons in the Preview and Positioning  as show below:

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