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How To Rotate An Object Using Objective

11 July 2016 Gareth Morgan No Comments
ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19, Tip of the Day

1. Select the Object/s you wish to Rotate 2. Go to Objective > Tools > Rotate For more information see the link below.  

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Rotating Lamps with Objective

25 November 2015 Joshua Osborne No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19, Cadimage, Objective, Tip of the Day, Tools

When creating models, you occasionally come up against problems such as this: Here we have three recessed ceiling spot lamps – but the ceiling is not horizontal and there is no way to rotate the third lamp in the angled ceiling… unless you use Cadimage Objective. Create a section through the model so you can

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Rotate or not rotate marker head

3 July 2015 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, Tip of the Day

When you rotate a view like explained in this old article: You may find that the marker head of the details placed in plan are rotating with the view. A simple way to allow the marker to rotate is to check the standard Detail Marker to rotate with the view checking this simple settings:

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Rotating a Site

22 November 2013 cadimage No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

If you have used Cadimage Sites + Massing to create Boundaries around your site, the Cadimage Boundary objects Calculate their bearing based on Project North. So if you are planning on Rotating your Site, you need to update Project North at the same time. Cadimage Sites + Massing has an easy way of doing this.

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Rotate your Workspace

4 October 2012 Mark Horrocks No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day

If  you want to rotate the window content, click the Rotate Orientation icon at the bottom of your screen. The degree of rotation is shown on the Reset Orientation button at the bottom of your screen. To Reset Orientation degree to zero, click on the Reset Orinetation button.

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Rotate in the Z axis

13 September 2012 James Service 2 Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 16, Tip of the Day

New in ArchiCAD 16 is the ability to easily rotate in 3D in addition, Shells, Curtain Walls and Morphs can be rotated around any axis in the 3D window space – (known as the separate “Free Rotate” command in earlier versions) – to do this in ArchiCAD 16, just use the plain Rotate command.

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