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Importing a surveyors XYZ file using Site + Massing tool

30 April 2013 Jonathan Breen 1 Comment
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Surveyors often produce various file format for the terrain that they have surveyed. One common format is .XYZ Luckily the Cadimage Sites + Massing tool has created a function where you can import an XYZ file directly to a mesh. One thing to note is that often the surveyors will export the file in Unicode

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Site + Massing Building Envelope

7 June 2011 James Service No Comments
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The Site + Massing building envelope allows for town planning compliance to be checked or designed to fitted into the town planning constraints. There are a few critical elements to generating the Building Envelope. 1. North you need to have placed a Cadimage North Arrow via the Cadimage menu 2. Boundaries you need to have

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From the Developers

26 October 2010 Andrew Watson No Comments
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Back in the office again after a long week-end. This week we get Monday off in New Zealand due to a national holiday we call Labour Day. Major Bug Fix! Last week we released updates for all the Cadimage Tools for ArchiCAD 13 and ArchiCAD 14. The catalyst for this action was a report from

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