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Calculating Cut and fill volumes

16 May 2013 cadimage 3 Comments
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We have all had situations where we need to calculate Cut and Fill volumes for sloping sites.  Here is a simple technique for doing this is to use Solid Element Operations. First of all,once you have created your mesh, create a copy of it off to the side.  Use your slabs and footings to create

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Volume Analysis in EcoDesigner

18 December 2009 Jason Bishop No Comments
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When using EcoDesigner, if you want to exclude structures from the Volume Analysis quickly, simply set the relevant layer to Wireframe.

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Cut and Fill Calculations

15 September 2009 James Service No Comments
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When Site Modelling accurate Cut and Fill Calculations are often what comes between lengthy planning consents and a projects success. Once you have modelled your site make a copy of this and keep it as your existing site. Then modify your mesh according to your project. To get the difference between the two Meshes use

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