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Wall Coverings below openings

31 October 2016 Joshua Osborne No Comments
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When you place a Wall Covering on a Wall with Openings set at the base of the wall (0mm / 0″) you may see some problems.  If the Covering is not configured correctly, the Cladding will fail to extend below the Openings. 31   In the example above, the left opening has no cladding below,

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Scheduling Wall Coverings areas

15 March 2016 James Service 5 Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 19, Coverings, Tip of the Day

Cadimage Wall Coverings have the ability to model multiple different cladding or siding materials on the same wall structure, with a bit of digging in the ArchiCAD interactive schedule Additional Parameters you can pull out the area of each cladding type. These of can then be added and used for costings and construction investigations. Create the

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New location of Wall Covering Reference origin & offset in V16

10 September 2012 Jonathan Breen No Comments
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With the new interface for V16 a few items have been moved to a new location One of these is the Cladding Reference Origin which you will be familiar with in V14 and V15: This is still in the Cladding Settings but now contained within the drop down menu to its own settings page: There

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Wall Coverings below Sidelights

9 March 2012 Andrew Watson No Comments
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A Cadimage Wall Covering may not clad under a door that has a raised sidelight (i.e. the sidelight sill height is non-zero). This blog describes the reason for this, and a solution. On the Openings > Geometry page, the Cadimage Wall Covering has a setting Lowest Sill Height to Clad Under. This parameter is set

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