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What does this button do?

26 August 2014 Ken Good No Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 18, Cadimage, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

You may have noticed the question mark button previously across various Cadimage Tools – but with ArchiCAD 18 it is more prominent…

Pocket slider door. Edit the wall opening thickness.

23 May 2014 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

    If you have a Pocket Slider Door. with certain thickness, you can edit the wall opening thickness as well in the settings:  Parameters>3 Door Leaf> Door Leaf Thickness>

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Hide High Level Windows

8 May 2014 Andrew Watson 2 Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Sometimes you may want to hide high level windows on a plan view. To do this, use the Floor Plan Cut Plane settings to control which windows will show. First, select the wall containing the high level windows, and open its Settings dialog. Under Floor Plan and Section, set the Floor Plan Display to Projected,

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Cadimage Doors + Windows – 50% Off

20 March 2014 Joshua Osborne 1 Comment

The venerable Cadimage Doors + Windows tool is one of our most senior, and most popular, tools – and it’s easy to see why. Instead of putting up with one of a selection of predesigned window or door types, why not do what you really want to do, and make fittings that look the way they do

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Upgrade Doors + Windows Builder 35 to ArchiCAD 17

27 September 2013 Soto 1 Comment
ArchiCAD 12, ArchiCAD 13, ArchiCAD 14, ArchiCAD 15, ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Cadimage, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Now that you have migrated  to ArchiCAD 17, you may have projects from older version of ArchiCAD using the now historical Doors+Windows Builder 35. Cadimage has released an Updrade Goodie for ArchiCAD 15, 16 and now for 17. Log into the website and go to MyCadimage> Downloads> Goodies:   Download and install. (instructions attached

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New Doors + Windows release.

18 September 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day, Tip of the Week

There is a new released update of the Doors + Windows tool, before migrating old projects to V17 it may be worth reading some information about the release:   “ArchiCAD 17 introduces a new interface for placing doors and windows. In previous versions, Cadimage Doors and Windows were placed slightly differently to the regular ArchiCAD

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Change the Doors+Windows Schedule Margin colours.

12 August 2013 Soto 2 Comments
ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Architecture, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

You can change the colour of the pen of the margin in your D+W Schedule. 1. Select the margin 2. Open the settings. 3. Go to the Fills and Pens section of the Parameters and change them.     Note: Don’t try to delete the margin, it’s part of the schedule functionality. If you don’t

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Create a drop shaped window.

31 July 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day, Tip of the Week

Cadimage Windows flexibility allows you to create Drop shaped windows.   Just select in the Setout options the ‘Head shape’ to be  a “Gothic Arch’ and the ‘Sill shape’ to be an ‘Elliptic Arch’ You can change the  shape of the drop/window in Elevation or Section with the interactive nodes.    

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Labelling Doors and Windows in Elevations

20 May 2013 Tate Gibbes 2 Comments
ArchiCAD, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Before you can apply labels to the windows you need to set the label tool up for doors and windows. With nothing selected open the label tools settings. Under the Content & Preview Tab, choose the Window Tool option from the list. Change the label type from Text to Cadimage ID Label Configure the label

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Open a gap above a window.

29 April 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD, Cadimage, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Sometimes you will want to leave an open space besides, above or under a window. It may be to let another structural element to be seen or just to leave the shim space more accurately. Either way, the Cadimage Window tool allows you to do it: Original window:   Steps:   Settings>Parameters> Shim space> Shim

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