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Initial Values for Cadimage Tools

6 August 2015 Andrew Watson 1 Comment
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When you start a new project, you may notice that the initial values of the Cadimage tools vary, while those of regular ARCHICAD tools (wall, object, lamp, etc.) are fixed. This tip explains why that happens, and how to fix the initial values for the Cadimage tools. The initial values of all the regular ARCHICAD

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How to create Extrusions with Cadimage Objective

16 February 2015 Joshua Osborne No Comments
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You may have noticed that recently with ArchiCAD 18 we have integrated Extrusions.  This movie will give you an overview of the new functionality:

Buy Cadimage Objective and get v17 Slab Edges & Extrusions Free

19 February 2014 Joshua Osborne No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, Extrusions, Slab Edges

As you may have heard, we’ve recently made some changes to our product Line-Up, and as part of this process, we’re combining 3 of our tools – Objective, Slab Edges, and Extrusions – into one, more comprehensive modelling tool. The upshot of this, is that if you purchase Cadimage Objective as of now, you’ll get

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Create a Finial with Extrusions.

28 June 2013 Soto No Comments
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If you need to create a finial for  a roof you may use Extrusions: 1. Save the finial half cut drawing as a preset. Here is a link to another quick tip about Custom Profiles: 2. Create a small circle with the Polyline tool.   3. Select the circle and go to Cadimage> Extrusions>

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Save a profile as a Preset.

27 June 2013 Soto No Comments
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Extrusions and other Tools use preset profiles to create custom objects. But before starting using Extrusion is necessary to know how to create your own profile and how to save it: 1. Draw a profile (e.g. a finial half cut profile) with the Fill tool. 2. Save it  as a Custom profile preset. Cadimage> Presets>

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Extrusions Dynamic Editing

7 May 2013 Mark Horrocks 2 Comments
Extrusions, Tip of the Day

As you probably know, the Cadimage Extrusion tool allows you to extrude a profile along a path. But did you know that once you’ve done that, you can also Dynamically Edit the path? To do this (edit dynamically that is), you need to use one of the Extrusion’s Edit Modes, which you get to from

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Profiles from ArchiCAD to Cadimage

11 April 2013 Glen Richardson No Comments
Detail Elements, Extrusions, Tip of the Day

To use an ArchiCAD profile in one of your Cadimage objects, lets say a steel section in Detail Elements or Extrusions. Select Presets > Copy ArchiCAD Profile from the Cadimage menu. Select the Profile you want to copy from the dropdown list, and click Create Preset. You then need to set what the profile will

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Following the Outline of a Mesh with a profile

19 January 2012 Joshua Osborne 3 Comments
Extrusions, Tip of the Day

As you may know, the Cadimage Extrusion Tool can extrude a profile along a path. This path can be drawn on the fly, or you can draw a path with polylines and extrude along that. But did you know that it can extrude a path along the edge of a Mesh? All you need to

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Cadimage Tools in German

16 January 2012 Cadimage No Comments
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It is awesome – all Cadimage Tools are also available in German! And that is not the end, the Website and our Knowledge Base is available in German, too. You can even get German Support… So if you are based in Germany or another German speaking country, like our friends from Switzerland and Austria, you

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Need a wavy beam to hold up that shell?

19 December 2011 James Service No Comments
ArchiCAD 15, Extrusions, Tip of the Day

If you are having fun with the new Shell tool in ArchiCAD 15 you are probably wondering how you are going to support that weird and wavy surface with some structure? The Cadimage Extrusion tool allows you to easily extrude a beam profile along a path, simply draw the path using the Polyline tool in

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