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Minimal Spaces

30 June 2017 cadimage 2 Comments
ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD 19, ARCHICAD 20, ARCHICAD 21, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Did you know that the Cadimage Door and Window Tool can show minimal space requirements around doors? This is for ArchiCAD 20 and 21     This is for ArchiCAD 19 Especially handy when designing things like accessible bathrooms etc.   Please bear in mind the display of the minimal space will depend on the Model

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Level Dimension reference

12 June 2017 Soto No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, Tip of the Day, Tools

If you are using the Level Dimension tool for your Site or the Project Levels in plan view, you can change how the Level Dimensions refer to if you select the text of the already selected level, open the settings and change the text to custom, you can choose the reference level.


How to add extra downpipes

15 May 2017 Gareth Morgan No Comments
Coverings, Tip of the Day

If you need an extra down pipe on your Cadimage Roof Covering? That’s easy, select the ARCHICAD roof and insert a new node. The Cadimage Roof Covering will allow you to attach two downpipes on every side of the node. The only thing you have to do now is, click on the pink hotspot on

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Cut Corners Window Shape

2 May 2017 Soto No Comments
Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

If you are using the Cadimage Window tool in AC20 you can use the Cut Corners shape option to have a trapezoid shaped window, like the example below:  

Background fill for Doors and Windows

27 April 2017 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, ArchiCAD 19, ARCHICAD 20, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

Find the Cadimage Door or Window opening background here: For ARCHICAD 20     For ArchiCAD 18 and 19  

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Creating a Stack Bond Block with the Covering Tool

26 April 2017 Scylla de Magalhaes No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, Coverings, Tip of the Day

Using the Cadimage Covering Tool can set the Covering Type to Bricks/Blocks, and set the Block size. Once you have placed the covering to a wall, navigate to the ‘Coverings…’ tab and select the Bricks Style and click on ‘Edit Style’ to adjust the size of the blocks to suit.


Frame depth Cadimage Window

4 April 2017 Soto No Comments
ARCHICAD 20, Doors+Windows, Tip of the Day

If you use the Cadimage Windows in ARCHICAD 20, The frame depth can be changed to 0, this will set the frame depth to match the thickness of the wall.  

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Place a Kitchen Sink into a Cabinet

27 March 2017 Andrew Watson 5 Comments
ArchiCAD, Cabinets, Tip of the Day

When you create a kitchen cabinet using the Cadimage Cabinet tool, you might want to add a kitchen sink. If you simply place the sink onto the counter, it does not automatically cut a hole in the counter. To cut the hole, you need to use Solid Element Operations. Generate a 3D view of the

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Editing switch wiring (2-Way Switch)

8 December 2016 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 17, ArchiCAD 18, ARCHICAD 20, Cadimage, Electrical, Tip of the Day

If you place a Cadimage Switch object using the Electrical tool. You may change ‘manually’ the switch connection to: Single switch 2-Way switch Intermediate For ARCHICAD 20 go to the Cadimage Switch settings   For ARCHICAD 19 Just go to the settings> Symbol>Specification>Display settings:  

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Flip Covering

7 December 2016 Soto 1 Comment
ArchiCAD 18, Coverings, Tip of the Day

Once you have placed a wall covering you can choose to change the wall side placement by clicking the flip button:   For ARCHICAD 20   For ARCHICAD 19 and older  

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