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How to create Extrusions with Objective…

7 January 2015 Joshua Osborne No Comments
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Here is a short movie that explains how to create Extrusions with Objective…

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Creating a u-shaped stair

19 December 2014 Joshua Osborne 3 Comments
ArchiCAD 18, Cadimage, How To, Stairs, Tip of the Day

In this short video Ken shows us how to edit a default Cadimage Stair and turn it into a u-shaped Stair:


Create a Finial with Extrusions.

28 June 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Extrusions, How To, Tip of the Day, Tools

If you need to create a finial for  a roof you may use Extrusions: 1. Save the finial half cut drawing as a preset. Here is a link to another quick tip about Custom Profiles: 2. Create a small circle with the Polyline tool.   3. Select the circle and go to Cadimage> Extrusions>

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Why am I getting a library loading report?

12 April 2013 Jonathan Breen 3 Comments
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A lot of people will get the library loading report when they open a project & constantly find themselves having to hit the little close button to get rid of it So why are you getting it? Basically there are 2 main types of problems that occur when you get a library loading report: Some

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New to a tool? Theres now simple easy to follow guides!

12 October 2012 Jonathan Breen No Comments
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We have provided a vast range of documentation for each of our tools, though for a new user this all may be a bit much For the new users you can have a go at the simple Getting Start guides on by selecting the tool they want then the Getting Start tab: These usually include only

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