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Do not forget to change the zone category to site zone when you use Cadimage area stamp

30 November 2017 Amy Li No Comments
Cadimage, Tip of the Day, Website

Don’t forget to change the zone category to site zone when you use Cadimage area stamp


Managing your info in myCadimage: Timezones

15 October 2014 Cadimage No Comments
Company News, General, Website

We’ve now enhanced myCadimage (our Customer Portal) known as so that you can update your Time Zone settings.


Looking for a change of scene?

23 August 2013 cadimage No Comments
ArchiCAD, Tip of the Day, Website

If you are looking to employ a new staff member, or looking for a new job remember that we host a job board on our home website If you are looking to move abroad, then perhaps try going to the international job board  at

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Save a profile as a Preset.

27 June 2013 Soto No Comments
ArchiCAD 16, ArchiCAD 17, Extrusions, Tools, Website

Extrusions and other Tools use preset profiles to create custom objects. But before starting using Extrusion is necessary to know how to create your own profile and how to save it: 1. Draw a profile (e.g. a finial half cut profile) with the Fill tool. 2. Save it  as a Custom profile preset. Cadimage> Presets>

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LearnVirtual Courses now Available

20 November 2012 Joshua Osborne No Comments
News, Website

We are pleased to announce that the Learnvirtual series of ArchiCAD Training Courses are now available from Cadimage. LearnVirtual is a comprehensive online training program for building professionals. Their courses are designed to teach best practices either for certification or your own continuing education. The are 7 courses available at ArchiCAD Basic Training ArchiCAD

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The New Cadimage Site

16 November 2012 Joshua Osborne 1 Comment
News, Website

Welcome to the New and Improved Cadimage website – this is your guide to where things are on the new site. We’ve made changes to a the way things look and the way things work, so if you get lost, refer back here or to the ‘Site Guide’ on the actual website to get your

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How to best log a support ticket

18 October 2012 Jonathan Breen No Comments
ArchiCAD, Cadimage, Content, Support, Tip of the Day, Website

Every now and again you may have questions which our Knowledge Base may not be able to answer The best way to log a support ticket is to log on to our website & navigate to the support centre at: Then choose Help Desk and you will be given an option to Log a Ticket:

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How to add new people to your company in MyCadimage

18 September 2012 Jonathan Breen No Comments
Cadimage, General, Tip of the Day, Website

When a new employee or contractor starts you may want to add them to your company profile so they can use the tools your company is entitled to To do this log on to and navigate to ‘My Details’ From there scroll down the page & expand the section ‘My Company’ From there click the   

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Good things take time…

21 June 2012 Campbell Yule No Comments
ArchiCAD 16, Support, Website

As a business we take our customers seriously. While we may not undertake every request we do listen and if we hear something enough we will more than likely act on it. With ArchiCAD 16 there are a few things we have done, some visible, some not so that are based directly on customer feedback.

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Cadimage Blog is now Mobile!

5 April 2012 Joshua Osborne No Comments

The Cadimage Blog is now available in a mobile version. So now all of you killing time on public transport by flinging furious birds at pigs or tweeting sepia-tone photos of your food, can catch up on the latest Tip of the Day and general ArchiCAD or Cadimage news from the comfort of your own

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